Mystery Seekers: The Secret of the Haunted Mansion (Full) App Reviews

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Pretty good until

The game is fine. The videos are bad, but you can skip them. Some things are hard to see, but the hint button is very helpful when you are stuck. But the final ghost fights - three of them are ridiculous. They go on forever. You can skip them, but how disappointing.

Good game

The story is good, but I would have preferred a bit more backstory regarding how the happenings started and those involved. The videos sequences were a nice, unique touch. Thankfully, words were provided at the bottom of the screen in case you played without sound. These could also be skipped, if desired. The graphics were not the best and some things were hard to see, but the info provided by the hint button was most welcome. It recharged quickly and gave you information as to where to go next. I felt no frustration at being left to wander aimlessly about the game and randomly poke at scenes for clues. I did not like the ghost fights at all. I would have preferred to solve puzzles rather than tap repeatedly on the screen to "kill" the darn things. Fortunately, you can skip these, but that is only an option you discover after losing a fight - not something welcome to someone with physical issues. As another reviewer mentioned, the final fights are ridiculously long. Again, several steps of puzzles would have been better. I would also like to see more variety in the puzzles included, but I will look forward to that in a future game. I thank the developers for all of their hard work. I dont regret the purchase, but, I am glad I got it as a daily deal. If the "ghost fight" scenarios are abandoned in game two, I am willing to buy it.


Great game. Cant wait for the next one!!!!

a great hidden object game

the game a was great abit hard to see some of the stuff but a good game...i hope they makea 2nd one to make the story go on.......but good work i think

Love It!!!

Ive bought and played A LOT of hidden object games/adventures and this one makes the top of my list in the BEST category! Cant wait to play the sequel!

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